By The Numbers

Passage of Proposition 71 in 2004 has led to significant triumphs for patients and California’s scientific community, including:

90+ Clinical Trials

Across a variety of diseases and conditions, including cancer, Parkinson’s, spinal cord injuries, diabetes, kidney disease, and infectious diseases like COVID-19.

2 FDA-Approved Drugs

For the treatment of 2 forms of fatal blood cancers, with more approvals on the way.

2,900+ Published Medical Discoveries

Peer-reviewed studies in leading scientific and medical journals, contributing to the development of treatments and cures.

2,283 Alumni of Scientific Training Programs

Ph.D. students, Postdocs, Clinical Fellows, Master’s, and others trained in the fields of stem cell research, treatment development and delivery.

$173 million in New Faculty Grants

Used to recruit the best and brightest scientists and doctors to conduct research at California universities and medical centers.